Griss' Corner

A personal corner made by an avid reader, coffee drinker, and beauty admirer


Hi, I’m Grisselda Nihardja, but please feel free to call me Griss.

Grisscorner is a platform for me to write about anything that sparks my interest — mostly books, beauty products, travel experiences, food and coffee.  I tend to sit at the corner of a coffee shop, so I picked “corner” after my nickname for the blog.

I studied Information System but ended up working as Executive Content Editor in Jakarta.  I always love to read and write, so I can’t imagine a better job outside editorial field. At least for now.  Don’t ask me about SAP modules, please.  Thank you for your understanding.

One of the goals that I really really want to achieve — as silly as it sounds — is to have a huge personal library; one room dedicated to my books that has a big comfy couch and coffee table.  That would be awesome.  Traveling to new places that I’ve never been before is also a yearly goal for me.  Besides all of those things,  I also make sure to spare some time in my life for roller coaster and horror movies.

I’ve made this blog to share things and places that I like, and to do what I love: writing.  Hopefully this blog will be useful for some of you. Thank you for reading and please, have fun exploring!


P.S. If my friends told you that I’m scary, don’t let them fool you.  Come say hi at